Let's get you started with an overview of our company's rich history, our vision and core values, and the transformative impact we've had on businesses worldwide from our Founder and Chairman, Brad Sugars.
Welcome to our exclusive franchise video series! The videos below are designed to give you a comprehensive understanding of what it means to be an ActionCOACH franchisee and the incredible opportunities that await you in the world of business coaching. Whether you are new to franchising or a seasoned entrepreneur, these videos will provide valuable insights into the ActionCOACH franchise model, our training programs, and the tools you'll have at your disposal. Get ready to embark on a journey of discovery as you explore the exciting possibilities of becoming an ActionCOACH franchisee. Simply click on Video 1 to begin your discovery journey.

Your Business Coaching Firm

Video 2 - In this video you'll learn the details of how your Firm will generate revenue, explore our diverse service offerings and outline the comprehensive support you'll receive.

Your Business Coaching System

Video 3 -  A detailed look at our proven coaching methodology, how you'll deliver coaching effectively, and an overview of the dynamic events that enrich a client's coaching journey.

Getting Clients: Part 1

Video 4 - In this video, you'll learn the 28 lead generation strategies and techniques that will empower you to effectively generate leads and build a thriving client base.

Getting Clients: Part 2

Video 5 - This video is a tour of your marketing assets you'll gain access to, equipping you with the resources you need to effectively market your ActionCOACH business coaching services.

Getting Clients: Part 3

Video 6 - Brad walks you through our proprietary 13-step sales system for onboarding new clients that form the foundation for long-term client retention.

IT & Systems Toolbox Tour

Video 7 - Explore our comprehensive technology and systems you'll gain access to that streamline your coaching business, making it efficient and effective.

Client Rentention

Video 8 - How we keep clients provides valuable insights into our client retention strategies and the methods we employ to foster long-lasting relationships.

Coaching Systems Toolbox Tour

Video 9 - Nic Clark gives you a tour of the extensive array of coaching programs that will form the cornerstone of your successful coaching business.
We trust you've enjoyed getting to know us and learning about how to build a successful ActionCOACH business coaching firm. Book a call today with our local Master Licensee to discover the available territories in your region.  We look forward to welcoming you to our amazing community at ActionCOACH.